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Photoshop is a Windows application. All the tutorials referenced in this book run on the Windows platform. If you’re running a version of Windows that’s older than Windows 7, you need to download the most recent version of Photoshop from

Mailing a scanned, manipulated image file

One of the most popular uses of Photoshop (especially in conjunction with the reduced cost of digital cameras) is to scan an image into Photoshop from a scan or digital photo. You then open the file from Photoshop and apply any adjustments or edits that you want before saving and printing the image.

To mail the image, open the file in Photoshop and use the Apply Image command. This option is covered in detail in Chapter 3.

If you create your image in a program such as Paint, you can save that file as a Photoshop compatible file in the image format that Photoshop uses. You can then open that file directly in Photoshop and use the Apply Image feature to adjust the image to your specifications. In some cases, you may need to use the Save for Web & Devices feature to save the file into a format that best matches the needs of the project.

To create these types of files, you open your scanned, digitally modified image file in Photoshop and then save it as a.PSD file using the Save for Web & Devices feature. You then print the image or email it to the recipient.

No matter what type of file you create, the most common print preparation steps happen in the Print window in Photoshop:

1. Print preview

Activate the Print preview area by clicking on the area in the image to the left of the image window.

2. Print settings

Use these two tabs — Print Settings and Information — to control how the image prints.

3. Paper size, orientation, and settings

On the Paper/Output tab, you can choose from a variety of stock paper sizes and setup your printer for that size. When the print job is complete, you can click on the paper size you want to print on and select Orientation, which can be either Portrait or Landscape.

4. Color controls

Toggle the Color panel to the On state to view the current color settings in Photoshop. You may use this area to add or subtract colors from your image. You can also use the Curves control (which we discuss in Chapter 6) to subtly apply a gradient to your image in a single click.


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On the same note, whether you are an amateur graphic designer or a professional web designer, you would usually create images for the web. Web designers mostly use Photoshop to edit images, create new high-quality images, or both.

In this guide, we will guide you through the basic features of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements and how to make a simple image in Photoshop and how to edit a photo in Photoshop elements.

Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Learn Photoshop in 3 Steps

1. How to Begin Photoshop?

Photoshop is a multi-platform software that is used for image editing, graphic designing, digital art, photography and video editing.

It has a UI which requires some initial learning, especially if you’re new to it. After that, you’ll be able to use Photoshop like a pro.

The basic and most common features that you need to know will be explained in this Photoshop tutorial.

2. How to Learn Photoshop?

Learning Photoshop is like learning a new language. You will need to invest some time and effort to learn Photoshop, but the payoff is worth it. You will master this program and you’ll be able to get better as you go.

Make Sure to First Learn Core Features

As discussed above, learning Photoshop is like learning a new language. There are many features of Photoshop and you need to learn the basics first to be able to use all the features later on.

If you try to learn Photoshop using only the tools that are provided by the software, you’ll end up with a beginner’s tool.

Learning Photoshop is a gradual process. It is a long-term process that requires practice and time.

You’ll need to familiarize yourself with the core features of Photoshop and learn the terminology before you can learn more advanced features.

To make sure that you’re not going to be overwhelmed with all the tools and terminology of Photoshop, it might be a good idea to first learn the essentials of Photoshop.

I recommend that you use this technique:

A. Learn the most basic features of Photoshop by clicking the keyboard shortcuts or buttons on the taskbar, or memorize them by heart. There’s a way to memorize keyboard shortcuts, but that might just be a waste of your time.

B. Start using Photoshop by copying and pasting images and experimenting with it. Don’t worry

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if getRating() is not triggered, getRatingChange() is not triggered

I have got an Android application with a rating Bar.
If I start the application and only click on the rating Bar once – it works fine.
If I change the rating and click again only on the rating Bar – my app goes in the background and after that, I have the first problem. I have no callbacks on the clicks.
So I tried to create a simple loop for a callback after every user click, but this didn’t work – neither with setOnRatingChangedListener() nor with setOnRatingChangeListener().
I think this is a problem of the Honeycomb version of Android, but I am not sure, and I know I cannot use setRating() directly to set a rating because Honeycomb includes the rating bar.
What should I do?


OK, I’ve found the problem.
I had a method like this:
public void onRatingChange(View v, float rating)

And I changed it to:
public void onRatingChange(View v, float rating, boolean fromUser)

For completeness, here is the method documentation for the first version:

and for the second version:

To keep the error messages at a minimum, I’m sure that’s what caused the problem, but I don’t know exactly how.
I hope this will help others.

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What’s New in the Adobe Photoshop 2022 (Version 23.0.2)?

Ask HN: Successful entrepreneurs and programmers: what parts of software development do you love? – justruddell

How do you feel about developer roles, and how would you love to work?
There’s a constant struggle between knowing if code is well written or not.
Based on the quality, you could spend hours or days on one module or piece of
code and still find things to criticise, the reason I’m a great programmer.

However, on the flip side the more experience I gain the more I realise how
much I enjoy writing code. Whether it’s just an evening function, or you spend
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jquery UI text field not looking normal

I have a text field and it is too small to fit my font. When I decrease the font size, it looks like this (ignore the greenish background color):

(The other input is ok, just the text field is too small.)
Here is my code (relevant code is the last 2 lines):

value: 0,
min: 1,
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step: 1,
slide: function(event, ui) {
$(“.slider_step_3”).slider(“value”, ui.value);
$(“.slider_step_3″).text(function(index, value) {
return ” + index + ‘:’ + $(this).slider(“value”) + ”;
.slider {
height: 50px;
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System Requirements:

Windows XP SP2 or later.
DirectX 9.0c or later.
1.3 GB of free disk space.
128 MB of RAM (not Recommended for more than 1GB of RAM)
800 x 600 resolution minimum.
Minimum system requirements may vary depending on your computer’s processing power, disk space, and other factors.
Internet connection is required to connect to the Internet and access multiplayer features.
Xbox 360 Controller or an Xbox 360 gamepad is required to play.

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