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At the turn of the millenium, a universal flu epidemic struck the world. At the time, no vaccine existed and no way to get it, except in the form of a deadly virus. But instead of dying out, the virus spread like wildfire and out of nowhere came a new strain that had been around for centuries, but had been unknown and thought lost. Known as Harmonium, it acted differently on people and affected them in different ways. By the end of the 20th century, Harmonium almost had its hold on the entire world. With a success rate of up to 90% and a lasting immunity, the world’s governments decided to destroy the virus and began a war with their common enemy – the Harmonium. The town of Harmonium, unaware of the danger, was caught in the middle of the conflict. It took the few days between the end of the war and the arrival of the meteor that was to destroy the virus, for Harmonium to realize what was happening. The virus was destroyed, but most of the town was already infected. The place was transformed into an island surrounded by toxic water. But even before the virus was gone, people had been infected and the infected had gone insane. Their strange, varied forms are a constant threat to the rest of Harmonium and it’s time to find out who’s and who’s not at the end of the day…Key Features: Explore various cities in Harmonium and solve various issues! Uncover the mystery of this new virus and find out who’s infected… Unlock various upgrades and discover the recipe for success! Upgrade your weapons, your gear, your abilities and adapt to the situations as they arise! Explore these challenging expeditions full of events and twist and turns! Face the challenges of a difficult job system to make the most of each team! Make sure your friends are in a good mood at all times! Meet a group of characters and a big cast of characters, each with their own agenda! Follow your heroes’ footsteps as they go on their quests! The game’s story will be available in a multitude of languages! Contact us at : Thank you for being a part of the Street Fighter Next World team! We’re excited to share the game with you! Visit our website for news and videos : Like us


Cyberbugs Features Key:

  • Up to 7+ hours of unique and immersive game play
  • Front and back facing camera’s for optimal visibility
  • Realistic night light source for your operating comfort
  • Stunning cartoon style graphics accented with an infrared red LED light
  • Short autofocus distances guarantee precise focus
  • Low battery indicator
  • Headset jack
  • HD game recording
  • No matter your age or ability, Amberial Dreams is designed for your enjoyment.

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    Badlands RoadTrip is a combo of a top-down RPG of the gun-on-the-chase variety and a beautifully hand-drawn 2D isometric action-shooter on the road. You take control of Finnegan, a bounty hunter with four guns and plenty of bullets. As Finnegan, you must survive in a post-apocalyptic desert filled with tanks, mutants and other bad people. Your truck is your only ally and a healing medkit is your life saver! Developed with the Unity engine Badlands RoadTrip includes a strategy genre, quests, PvP combat, upgradeable weapons, vehicles and a new survival mode. The game is currently in early access and free to play, but there will be a full release version in the future with additional content and additional features. If you are an early adopter, please don’t use the beta forum for support but the Steam forum instead. Report issues with the game to the Steam forums. If you have a problem with the game please use our bug tracker and report the problem. If you have problems with Steam please use the steam forums for support. Feedback on the game is very much appreciated! Install Notes: Linux: Use PlayOnLinux and install the game to your user account (not the one that the game will use to run). On Linux please use the PlayOnLinux exe to install the game, don’t install it through the.deb packages that are available on the Steam download page. On Linux the deb packages don’t support PlayOnLinux. Windows: Install the game using the supplied exe and the game will install and run perfectly if you don’t want to use the Linux version of PlayOnLinux. For Mac/Linux users, use software like PlayOnMac (or similar) to use Steam Play. Show more Show lessKir6.2 Kir6.2 is a subunit of the inwardly rectifying potassium channel protein, Kir6.x. It is one of four proteins that compose a pore-forming transmembrane subunit of the ATP-sensitive inward rectifier potassium channel family (Kir6). The other subunits, Kir6.1, Kir6.3 and Kir6.4, are transmembrane pore-forming subunits, while the others, SUR1 and SUR2, are regulatory subunits that c9d1549cdd


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    Phoenotopia Awakening is a turn-based RPG, much like FTL: Faster Than Light, The Purge, or XCOM, with a similar personality. Now, instead of traveling through the galaxy, you travel through Phoenotopia! Take the role of one of many explorers, exploring a variety of fantastical environments, and completing epic quests, in order to discover the secrets of this unknown planet. But because this is a turn-based game, only you can act on the current moment and do your best to make your decisions count. There are no random encounters in Phoenotopia Awakening – everything is done through encounters with unique and cunning inhabitants that will each have their own day-long actions that they will take, affecting your game. The game features a stats-heavy gameplay where your decisions matter, and your actions have consequences. You have a certain amount of charges for all of your actions, and when it runs out, a consequence will occur. Each character, town, encounter, and quest has its own story – some will be trivial, some will be challenging, some will take you on epic journeys. Some encounters will be peaceful – they could be questions or discovery. Others will be violent or have you against your own kind. You can side with the good guys, the bad guys, or the monsters – there are no set choices, and that is why each time you play the game, it will be a new adventure! The more you play, the better you will get at forming relationships and building the best group for the occasion. You can play the game solo, in coop, or with friends, and can even join a group once you are done! The game has a decent amount of content and it runs decently on a mid-ranged computer. It does not require a powerful computer to run, but it’s not especially easy on even the more capable PCs. It is also only on sale until the 15th of September! Download Phoenotopia Awakening Soundtrack, compatible with Steam, iOS & Android! System Requirements Minimum Hard disk space: 6 GB RAM: 2 GB OS: Windows 8+ 64-bit (or higher) PC: Intel Core2 Duo, 3 GHz, DirectX11 Support for the below minimum specs are optional, so you can of course play the game on lower specs if you have the extra hardware space – just be aware that you might encounter more hiccups than usual during play. Minimum


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