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EasyMTU is an application that can help users optimize their Internet connection. This tool is able to change and save the settings of your dial-up adapter. Although Windows provides default settings for TCP/ IP that control your modem activity, they don’t prove to be the best solution when it comes to speeding up your Internet connection. This is why you need dedicated tools for dealing with such a task. EasyMTU sports a simplistic interface that allows you to perform several actions on the go. You can select the adapter and set the maximum transmission unit. The application is able to test the maximum transfer unit accepted by different websites, provided that you have added a valid link for future scrutiny. EasyMTU allows users to perform tests, in order to check if the MTU gives them access to the desired websites. In order to obtain the benchmark information, you have to add a host, and select the number of steps and maximum packet size. The program is able to display details about the sent bytes, total time and status (successful or failed actions). The log comprising all the details about the Internet connection cannot be exported or saved to a file format. To sum things up, EasyMTU is a small but powerful Windows application that can help you improve your dial-up connection. It proves to be pretty useful as it allows you to change the setting for TCP/ IP, such as the maximum transmission unit and segment size.







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Allows users to optimize their dial-up connection Simple UI that offers a complete view of dial-up settings Allows users to specify a host with which to perform tests Allows users to define the number of steps and packet size that are necessary to reach the destination Allows users to export the results to a file on their computer A step by step description of the application: EasyMTU Crack Keygen is a dial-up connection optimization tool. With its help, you’ll be able to add mtu configurations, compare the settings of the current active adapter with the preferences you want to use, browse the web and check the latest version of the Internet. Make the best of your dial-up connection, download the app and get your hands dirty with it. Start the program you are using or install it if you don’t have it Open an Internet browser and visit a website with a link Select the “Advanced Setting” section on the top left corner and move to the “Connection” tab Select the “Maximum transmission unit” section from the “Connection” tab and move to the right Next, specify the number of the destination website and click on the “Send” button The program will start taking the measurements When the process is over, you will be given an option to download the information You can also select “See a more detailed information of the tests” Screenshots: Overall EasyMTU Review: Pro – A very nice and simple application that will improve your dial-up connection Con – Nothing much to say How to Install EasyMTU: Most of the applications listed here are software you can download from the Internet. An easy and convenient way to install them on your computer is to use the software installer. The procedure is quite simple; all you have to do is download and install the software, follow the instructions and watch the application gets installed on your computer. The following steps show how you can install an application on your computer: Download the application installer (.exe) Find out where you saved the installer file Double click on the executable file and follow the instructions provided by the application EasyMTU will let you modify the dial-up connection settings, you can add a new profile and get the following information about the selected adapter: The maximum transmission

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Modify and control the maximum transmission unit. Select a maximum transmission unit and specify an Internet link. You can change specific settings for each instance of a selected Internet link. Test and scan the internet link for speed and efficiency. The application can test the speed of each Internet connection you have on your system. *** EasyMTU Crack is FREE. You can test the maximum transmission unit for each Internet Connection you have on your system. If a specific Internet Connection does not work, then the maximum transmission unit is probably too large. You can minimize it by playing with the maximum transmission unit. EasyMTU Crack Keygen 2.0.1 v.2.2.2 Crack Patch + Serial Number Free Download *** EasyMTU 2.0.1 v.2.2.2 Crack Patch + Serial Number Free Download System Requirements: Windows Operating System: Windows 98/XP/Vista/Win7/8/8.1/10. How to install/run EasyMTU 2.0.1 v.2.2.2 Crack Patch + Serial Number Free Download? First of all Download and install “EasyMTU 2.0.1 v.2.2.2 Crack Patch + Serial Number Free Download” from the given links Second of all Download the setup with serial number from the link below Run it accordingly Wait until it ends Download WhatSoft webpage Accept the terms and follow the instructions to install the software That’s all, your system is ready for using! And now you can use the software normally. That’s all guys, enjoy using EasyMTU 2.0.1 v.2.2.2 Crack Patch + Serial Number Free DownloadPsst! We are giving away movie passes here! A year after the Tsim Sha Tsui-based Sunshine Cinema was forced to close its doors, its owner, Terence Ang who claims to have lost as much as $1.8 billion in the stock market crash, is set to launch a new venture called ‘Koya’, a theatre chain that is to run independently from Ang’s previous company, Sunshine Cinemas. Ang, who has set up ‘Koya’, is more than likely to present his plans to the HK Government during their upcoming talks on Hollywood’s decision to start streaming its movies in the territory online, as well as 2f7fe94e24

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Interface: Add to Computer URL: (Required) The URL that you want to monitor. Packet Size: (Required) The maximum packet size that will be tested. Steps: (Required) The number of steps you want the program to test. Time: (Required) The total time that the program will test for. Website: (Optional) Add a website for the program to look for problems on. Note: All settings are optional. EasyMTU Help: Press [F1] to open the help file. Press [F2] to access the online documentation. EasyMTU Features: EasyMTU can test maximum transmission units (MTU) of up to 9,000 bytes. You can select among links in the program settings. You can add or delete a link that you want to test. With a click of the mouse, you can edit the MTU in the settings. You can add or delete links. You can set the number of steps. Information regarding the settings, number of steps, and the status of the test is displayed in the built-in log. You can test links of up to 2,000 steps at once. You can disable one or more link types if you want. EasyMTU Log: You can view the status of the test from the log. The log saves details about the Web site that you selected, the number of steps and the maximum packet size used for the test. Operation Steps: The easyMTU application is able to test maximum transmission units (MTU) of up to 9,000 bytes. Add a Web site to the program and configure the link parameters by clicking the Add button in the application toolbar. Select the number of steps and segment size in the dialog box. Choose a location where you want to store the log of the test. You can set the maximum packet size, the number of steps and the Web site. Add a link, set the number of steps and segment size, set the location of the log, and view the log. MyNavi Description MyNavi is a Windows application, which helps Internet surfing. The product is a safe, simple and comfortable tool to create password-protected folders and subfolders for fast and secure Internet surfing. This software enables the user

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Kernel for a universal memory manager. Dyndns is a free service that automatically renews your IP address whenever the old one changes. You have to purchase domain names, but the service includes a free one year trial for testing purposes. You can save money if you purchase a specific link, which is called a “wildcard” DNS. This is the free version of Dyndns, which you can activate after the trial period comes to an end. The service renews your IP address automatically, which makes you save money and give up the need for manually changing it whenever you have a new net address. Easy contact details & address book. Shout-out to Easy World is a simple and clean application. You can add contacts by entering their name and contact information, or choose from a photo, location and street address. In case you don’t want to make any mistakes while entering the information, Easy World features a small preview where you can scroll through the names and addresses. The bottom line, the program quickly retrieves available information for each item. Easy World Description: Easy contacts & address book Social networking and personal homepage for Windows. This is an add-on for the popular social networking site Facebook, which is able to show your status updates directly in your browser. Facebook, however, can’t connect to your contact list and remains inactive on your desktop. This is when you have to switch to the stand-alone Facebook alternative, called “i Facebook”. Facebook Alternative, i Facebook Description: Easy social media & homepage Simple and clean social networking application. There are many free online applications and services aimed at sharing photos, videos and other information with the public. The problem here is that they usually require installing third-party tools for uploading and displaying the multimedia files. Easy Share Photo is a lightweight program that can be used as a replacement for any other uploader. The program starts instantly and supports a huge range of file types. The interface for Easy Share Photo is intuitive and similar to the main Facebook application. Automatic photo & video storage. Yandex Disk is a popular social network that allows you to chat and send messages in real-time to people in your contact list. The application can also be used for storing your favorite pictures and videos. The site allows you to attach any file and preview the


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