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The result of this forward-thinking tech is that new-age simulations like tactics and interactive training modes will generate a higher level of realism and excitement while also providing more refined coaching features to guide players.

This technology is designed to respond to the evolving threat perception from innovative AI and crowd manipulation that determines the risk-reward ratio to score and win in a given situation, and subsequently alters a player’s fitness requirements.

Plus, the technology will ensure the players adapt to the opponents’ tactics and their individual strengths and weaknesses during game.

Furthermore, based on the collected data, players will receive customised feedback before, during and after a game in key areas. This will allow them to fine-tune the way they play, whether they’re looking to improve their skill on the ball or perfect their defensive play.

Finally, this technology will allow players to have complete control over their movement at all times with unique, on-the-fly, player-to-player movement animations.

FIFA 22 rewards fans with new features that capture the essence of being in a stadium. A new watchable camera view gives fans a full view of the action, providing a closer connection to the game and an immersive experience.

Additionally, 11 new camera angles, and the ability to switch camera views on the fly, will introduce a new dimension to game viewing. These new camera views are at the discretion of the referee and an in-game camera control pad will be available.

In addition, matches will be filmed by the media in the official broadcast camera and the player’s actions will be highlighted on a player overlay in real-time. With the media being in the broadcast camera, the game is captured from more angles and more dramatically.

Also, FIFA’s Madden NFL Theatre delivers a unique experience with an engaging story and a visual effects package that enables fans to relive their favourite moments as if they were in the stadium.

The FIFA International Cup in the UEFA Champions League returns with new modes such as The Battle for Europe and the FIFA 19 Championship. Now, even more players will have the chance to show their skills through The International Champions Cup.

In addition, FIFA Ultimate Team has received new features including a new mode, “FUT Kicks,” and dedicated FIFA Ultimate Team shows. Fans can also use the “Off the Ball” heads-up display


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Professional-grade match engine powered by over 800 variables, which creates a new level of playability.
  • Available to install while logged into your EA Account.
  • New enhanced Be a Pro Elite Creation Suite makes it easier than ever to create the manager you’ve always wanted.
  • New enhanced Be a Pro in-game Creation Mode lets you design your perfect player from head to toe, push goals, and get the most out of the Pitch.
  • New updated Journey Creator that lets you create and share new FIFA experiences on social media.
  • New corner taker system for control of the ball when they are challenged.
  • New clutch systems for quicker, more effective decisions in key moments of play.
  • New dynamic timing features provide a greater element of playmaking involvement as the player goes into press for a shot.
  • Full of new and improved features such as the Be a Pro Elite Creation suite and enhanced Kick Zone.
  • New Brilliant Presents, bringing together the high-end game content that fans want.


playDate: 11/21/2019

completionDate: 11/21/2019

franchise: FIFA


  • Kasper Larsen-Block, Creative Director, EA SPORTS FIFA


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EA SPORTS FIFA is the world’s most authentic and authentic football experience. It was born out of a passion for football and a lifelong dream to become a professional footballer – an experience every player, coach, and fan wants.

FIFA is more than an experience. It’s a feeling. It’s a passion. It’s the passion that brings our players together. Our players have a love of football that is unmatched. We have a passion and dedication to our sport. We live and breathe football. And it’s all captured in FIFA.

What can you expect from FIFA?

Let’s start with the game. FIFA is a sports game, and like all sports, the game is played by people. We are constantly striving to make the experience fun for the millions of fans that play our game.

FIFA 22 brings new ways for players to train, compete, and share their passions for football with friends and across the internet. FIFA is the game where friendship becomes a team and where being part of a community is more fun than winning. What are you waiting for? Come and join the match!

What does ‘Powered by Football’ mean?

Everything you see and play in FIFA is powered by football. It doesn’t matter if it’s ball control, creating goals, or kicking the ball, we’ve got you covered. The DNA of the game is football.

Learn the ins and outs of game mechanics like the game type, controls, and view in FIFA with the FIFA Ultimate team series. Each of the Ultimate team series games features unique and innovative gameplay, just like FIFA. Learn the ins and outs of the game with these series of games that have your football education covered.

FIFA with EA SPORTS Ignite:

This game comes with a single-player mode that includes Single Play, Career Mode, Online Leagues, and more. The true test of the game’s authenticity is with the season mode which includes the new FIFA Ultimate Team mode and FIFA Ultimate Academy.

If you can’t tell by now, there are a ton of new features to check out.

Brand New User Interface and UI Improvements:

We were introduced to the new FIFA User Interface last year with FIFA 19. We have taken our learnings from the first year of the new User Interface and have further improved the UI to


Fifa 22

Build the ultimate team of footballers using real players, including transfer targets, unearthed gems and fan-made players. Unlock every style of kits and ball to play your favourite matchday scenarios, like penalty shoot-outs and 3-way ties.

The Journey – Create and play in a whole new FIFA world, with all-new story quests, characters and new ways to play. Gamers choose between the path of the Man, the way of the Journeyman, or the path of the Wizard.


Deluxe Themes – Now players can design, modify, and apply their own personal Deluxe Theme to the pitch, stadium, and training grounds. Design your own bespoke playing surface from over 40 natural materials, and a new turf pitch has been added to FIFA 22. Be a visionary and build your dream stadium with modular architecture, unique facilities, even a retractable roof.

The New Engine – The most realistic player movement in any FIFA game before, plus increased ball physics – everything happens as it should. The moves and skills of players have been enhanced in FIFA 22, and players now use their A.I teammates more intelligently.

Enhanced FIFA World Cup – Both the FIFA World Cup and FIFA Confederations Cup are available for Play Now mode. Take on your friends, or compete with other teams in online FIFA World Cup knockout phases. Tournament Mode now features our all-new Training Camps, allowing you to play as yourself, your friend, or create a custom player.

UEFA Euro 2012 – 20 top-quality national teams and stadiums from 12 European nations have been added. Access new skills and tactics to counter a team-led league format and intense tactical game play.

New Champions League – The UEFA Champions League is the most prestigious club competition in the world. The Champions League features some of the best clubs from around the world. Play for your club as well as favourite teams like Manchester United, Celtic, or Borussia Dortmund.

FIFA Challenge – Play more than 800 authentic competitions in the brand new Challenge mode. Players can now challenge friends across the world to compete in up to four game types, including Exhibition and Knockout.

Real Touchpad Control – New touchpad controls work with every virtual football fan. From accurate and responsive goal celebrations to intricate feints and lunges, you can now control FIFA like never before.

PERSONALISATION – Every player is unique, with their own movement style, ball skills, and goalscoring


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • Reality Formation: Experience three-dimensional tactically-focused gameplay. Use the touch pad to pinch and expand team formation options by interacting the formation overview with the touch pad to discover the optimal formation for each situation. Build team spirit during 15 minutes of pre-match build-up using co-op workouts, promotions from your club to the upper leagues, use of the XI editor.
  • New Coach Controls – Take the control of the team captain and more in-game.
  • New experience modes: New ways to compete, from your team’s pre-match build-up, to build the team spirit.
  • New stadiums: New venues for you to hone your skills, interact and generate star players in virtual football management.
  • New Method of player progression: introduce a ‘Player Progression’ mode that enhances your player’s ability to earn more points through fast paced, team-oriented entertainment.
  • More tournaments: 32 new tournaments, including the FIFA Nations League, UEFA Nations League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, FIFA Club World Cup, and FIFA World Cup Qualification.


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One of the most popular and best-selling sports video games, FIFA delivers authentic gameplay, deeply-researched teams, stadiums and player appearances, all brought to life in 1080p HD.

What are the Game Modes?

HIGHLIGHTS FIFA Ultimate Team HUT CUSTOMISE MATCH MODE CLUB DATE MATCH FACEBOOK LIVE Facebook Connect LIVE MATCH COMBAT CAMPAIGN Online LIVE PORTRAIT MODE COACHES Manager Challenge COMMUNITY PLAYER FOOTBALL CAMPS FOOTBALL TIP We have been playing the game since it was the first FIFA; we actually played it on our first computer as well. For us, it’s the game that is actually the most fun. You can play with your friends in many different modes. You are able to create your own teams and make your own squads. You can play matches against them. It is a lot of fun. It’s probably the one of the best team-based games. It’s a pretty addictive game, and everyone plays it. EA SPORTS™ FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT)

Buy FUT points

Buy packs

In-game boosts


Clubs and National Teams from around the world are represented in FIFA Ultimate Team. Players are comprised of different positions, and you can unlock new players and kit by completing challenges.

Authentic player names, names, faces, and attributes accurately reflect real-life squads. For example, German star Klaas-Jan Huntelaar may be recognizable to Bundesliga fans, but even the most devoted Dortmund supporter would have difficulty recognizing his on-screen likeness.


This season, EA SPORTS FIFA 21 will also introduce Squad Battles, a new game mode, which allows you to battle friends and foes from your FUT matchmaking list. These playlists with up to four friends can be created on Xbox One and PS4, or through the FUT Companion app. Squad Battles will make you sweat as you attempt to score big goals in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Ultimate Team mode.


It’s the Facebook Connect feature in the EA SPORTS FIFA 21 Ultimate Team mode that really sets it apart from other games. You can create groups, swap friend requests with your favorite players, send them messages, get notifications about how they’re doing in their game, and more.

You can also send exclusive F


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