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The focus on player movement is driven by two main aims: to give player more opportunities to make plays happen in their own half, and for the ball to move more efficiently.

“HyperMotion is our vision for the FIFA Soccer experience on the pitch,” said Jeff Padyana, SVP of Product Development at EA Canada. “With this technology, we wanted to elevate the game to a whole new level of realism and authenticity by giving players more opportunities to make plays happen.”

As a result of this technology, players can now have more ability to play off the backfoot, and slide tackles and sprints off the ball.

“I’m sure you’ll agree that the new FIFA Soccer cover isn’t as exciting as the way it was back in FIFA 99.”

Gameplay enhancements are, however, not limited to those on the pitch. Players can also now move and interact in FIFA Soccer like never before, thanks to a host of new game mechanics, including taking the mantle from Clint Dempsey, an improved 7-day injury progression system, the implementation of manager advice and commentary, reworked endurance mechanics and player personalities.

Exclusive reveal

EA SPORTS FIFA 19 is scheduled for release on September 28. Fans who pre-order the game will receive access to the “EA SPORTS FIFA 19 Reveal Showcase Experience” that will take place on September 22 and reveal the cover and some of the game’s highlights. Fans who pre-order the game are guaranteed to receive:

A copy of FIFA 19 on September 28

FIFA 19 Reveal Showcase Experience with EA and FIFA covers, poster and wall graphic

FIFA 19 cards

A FIFA 19 Beta key

“The FIFA 19 Reveal Showcase is a great opportunity for fans to get a glimpse at the power and beauty of FIFA 19,” said Padyana. “We look forward to showcasing the game for millions around the world.”

New ways to share

Live from new era

The FIFA series has seen many gameplay advances over the years, but this year’s release of FIFA 19 is set to revolutionize how fans interact with the FIFA games.

“We’re extremely excited to bring the best in-game sharing to FIFA Soccer,” said Padyana. “The goal is to bring fans closer to the


Features Key:

  • All 22 storied club teams in the world of FIFA.
  • Guide your club through the entirety of the season, including the FA Cup, the European League, and World Club Championship.
  • Championship, Cup, and Trophy Challenge mode.
  • Bring your MCC or photo to your Profile for the world to see.
  • Live streaming to ESPN clubs and your friends.
  • In-depth character creator with more than 1,300 editable facial details.
  • FIFA’s official soundtrack, featuring almost 80 top artists.
  • Massive update to Ultimate Team; Engage in head-to-head matches, scrimmage, solo games, plus more.
  • Improved FA Cup and League Cup, which features unique gameplay.
  • Clan and SkyUI updates to improve your connection with your club.
  • Improved passing controls, shooting, and dribbling.
  • Improved goal celebrations, new player personalities, and new injury animations.


Fifa 22

FIFA is the most widely popular sports video game franchise in the world. Since its debut on the Apple II in August of 1983, over 100 million copies of FIFA have been sold. To play, the user chooses a football team, purchases it and coaches it to victory on the pitch by training it, managing its day-to-day affairs and using tactics. The player can also compete with other human football teams through competitive matches called FIFA World Cups. Over the years, FIFA has expanded its footprint through over 10 console releases, three PC games and continued global success across mobile platforms, sports books, apparel and more.

Powered by Football

EA SPORTS™ FIFA 22 puts fans on the pitch, delivering authentic and authentic football, with a new engine featuring the most physics-driven gameplay on the market today. And now, you can play like never before thanks to the new player models, animations and smarter ball physics, allowing players to better feel and react to shots, passes, dribbles and tackles. Additional innovations include Player Vision, Retention, Screen Space Reflections and Real Player Motion, plus the first-ever FIFA Pro-Inspired Team Trainer and a complete Career Mode that includes in-depth and authentic gameplay elements.

A New Season of Innovation

FIFA has expanded into new areas and become more connected to the real game, and now it is available in new ways across multiple platforms. FIFA Ultimate Team*, the biggest and most popular gaming mode in the franchise, has been completely reimagined and offers incredible depth. It now gives players a chance to shape and manage their pro club, collect real footballers and compete against other players around the world in an all-new competitive structure.

The popular mobile version of FIFA is receiving new updates, including a new competitive structure and new features, including the ability to create your own leagues and enter them in challenges. FIFA Companion, EA SPORTS™ FIFA’s free companion app, brings the authenticity of the pitch to your living room. Introduced in March of 2016, FIFA Companion allows players to create a playbook, manage their team, compete in a variety of modes and engage in weekly challenges. The app has been downloaded by millions of players around the world.

In addition to these epic new features, FIFA is getting even more connected. Through EA SPORTS Football Club and Origin Access, you can now share and compete in new ways with up to 100 players and other clubs around the world.



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The most popular mode in FIFA is back! Build your dream squad from the world’s best players and earn coins to spend in the new auction system to get even better players. Go solo or team up to dominate the opposition in new challenges and take on your friends in online leagues.

The Journey – Journey to glory and represent your country in the football World Cup™ like never before in The Journey mode. Play qualifiers to seal your spot, and then face a group of 32 other nations in the finals. Use your match-day tactics in the 5 knockout rounds to bring home your country’s first World Cup glory.

Social Challenges – Get to know players and clubs in the FUT World Cup mode. Play fun challenges using real-life features in your stadium and make skillful saves in either the new goalkeeper or new offense playbook.

FIFA Ultimate Team – For the first time ever, play as every national squad in the 2018 FIFA World Cup™. Play qualifiers, group games, and then the knockout rounds to make the tournament a dream come true. FUT World Cup mode is free with FIFA Ultimate Team codes, and will be available on consoles in Fall 2018.

Custom Made:

Defenders – These are the defenders you need to build your strategy around. Choose a class of defender, assign a primary and secondary position, and then assign up to three attributes to each position.

Midfielders – Explore new areas on the pitch and cover your whole defensive line. Think of the midfield as a new attacking position, as you’ll have far more freedom to position and attack. Every midfielder class has a primary and secondary position.

Forwards – The forwards bring the excitement and goal scoring ability to your team. Choose which of the 4 new attacking classes to play, and decide whether you want to play in a 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 formation. Every attacking class will have primary and secondary positions.

Goalkeepers – FIFA 22 will introduce a brand new goalkeeper movement system, allowing you to use your intelligence to master your space in front of your net. Every goalkeeper class will have primary and secondary positions.

The Journey is a true story, written by award-winning Brazilian author, Paulo Coelho. Enjoy a new main character, Alan Paul. Alan has reached his peak as a player, but now, as he turns 37, he must begin a journey to rediscover himself and his life. Set on the fields of Brazil,


What’s new:

    With the introduction of HyperMotion Technology, the dirtiest player in the world gives another dimension to FIFA 22’s gameplay. HyperMotion Technology represents enhanced game physics in the updated engine to better represent player movements and unpredictable actions on the pitch. All 22 FIFA superstars have been updated with these enhancements.

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) – Delivering the most varied way to play

We are releasing more than 10,000 packs of new items and power-ups including Ultimate Team II Packs (UE2P), meaning you can still continue to upgrade and refine your Ultimate Team in FIFA 22. Delve deep into packs, or offer unique rewards like prize cards for rewards and leagues.

Pricing and release in North America:

  • FIFA Ultimate Team Gold pack (Standard Edition) – U.S.$79.99 / Canadian $64.99 / Russian $62.99
  • FIFA Ultimate Team Gold pack (Deluxe Edition) – U.S.$99.99 / Canadian $74.99
  • FIFA Ultimate Team Gold pack + Bonus Content (Deluxe Edition) – U.S.$159.99 / Canadian $124.99
  • FIFA 22 comes bundled with the DLC pack (standard edition) as its way of opening the box – U.S.$29.99


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Gameplay Improvements

** Dribbling AI** – The FIFA Dribbling AI features all-new control and mechanics for a dramatically improved experience from beat-to-beat dribbling, which is now powered by the SPORTGRAPHIC™ engine.

** New Best Pitch and Pass animations** – The Best Pitch and Pass animations are created using expert human inputs with advanced tools like SPORTGRAPHIC engine, SPORTUTILITY, and BlueZone technology. Users get increased visibility to the contest and better recognition of results and outcomes.

** New Route Match in Road to the FIFA™** – In Road to the FIFA, users now play with only 10 players, including their best players, with smarter, faster, and more stable gameplay.

** New Pro-Kick in Atmosphere** – The Pro-Kick feature allows users to kick the ball with the power and accuracy of a professional player. Further, users can create a team-specific kick meter to help users improve and master their unique kicks.

** New Broadcast-quality 3D Commentary** – A new broadcast-quality 3D commentary, which leverages the power of Next-Gen technology, replicates the re-mixing and re-mapping of audio for more precise and immersive in-game sound. All-new commentary from


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System Requirements:

OS: Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i3/i5/i7-3820/AMD Athlon x2/x2-64
Memory: 4GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650/GeForce GTX 660/GeForce GTX 680/GeForce GTX 660 Ti/GeForce GTX 670/GeForce GTX 680 Ti/AMD Radeon HD 6670/AMD Radeon HD 6770
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 30GB available space


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