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When a new Windows software version is available in torrent form, it becomes a de facto standard. If someone wants to distribute this new version of Windows software, all they need to do is put the torrent file on a webpage and find a way to make it accessible to people who want the new software. A ton of sites, from the largest to the smallest, offer software simply by the link. In some cases, the download is just a link to an FTP site. Other sites are more elaborate, offering tools such as a “view password” feature to protect the download.

There are many websites that offer old or unlicensed Windows software in one place. Because so many people use torrents, it has become the standard protocol used to share copyright-infringing Windows software. You can download any version of Windows software that you want, because there are tens of thousands of different files listed for you to choose from.

Also, you can try the following alternative methods to install Windows 11:

  1. Create Windows 11 installation media, using either Mac or Windows.
  2. Download Windows 11 ISO files, which you can use to install Windows 11 on a new computer.
  3. Get Windows 11 upgrade offer, which lets you take up an offer to install Windows 11 for free.

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