Kamsutra Katha In Hindi Photo Pdf


Kamsutra Katha In Hindi Photo Pdf

First Bollywood award winning actress Sridevi passed away in a major accident in which she was travelling in a car along with her family members while returning from a movie shooting in the wee hours of the morning on Saturday in Andheri (West).

She was 40. She was married to Bollywood actor Mr. Dev Anand for seven years.

Kamsutra Katha In Hindi With Photo

The vehicle they were travelling in crashed into a concrete block wall and the car was crushed.

Sridevi’s body has been sent for the post-mortem.

The accident occurred at around 3:30 a.m. Sridevi and her family members, including her husband Dev Anand, were returning from a shooting of a film when the accident happened.

The actress’ car had some technical problems earlier which prompted a hotel official to drive it to the shooting location.

The actor Dev Anand was travelling in the car, but was not injured in the accident.

Sridevi, who was about five months pregnant, and her family members suffered serious injuries.

Ajay Devgn’s wife Aaradhya, mother-in-law Kamna, Dev’s brother Sanjay, and her two sisters Sujata and Komal are said to have been travelling with her.

A team of doctors had been hired for the actress.

Charity Kamsutra Prabhu

It is the season for charity for the Kamsutra group.

This year, the Kamsutra group of companies have launched the Kamsutra group – Amit ‘The Charity Trust’ campaign. The aim of the campaign is to raise funds for the welfare of the poor on the lines of Aga Khan’s famed ‘Upside Down’ campaign.

The charitable organisation will focus mainly on the health and education sectors.

The initial Kamsutra programme will focus on education, health and nutrition. The foundation has already been set up in Maharashtra to help the needy with educational and medical facilities.

The foundation will be officially inaugurated in September.

Along with the unveiling of the foundation, the organisation will also be launching a model for education and healthcare.

Soon there will be awareness programmes.

Two new initiatives are to be undertaken -to train the underprivileged groups for leadership roles and to provide quality education for children at under-privileged schools.

Although the Kamsutra group has mainly aligned itself


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