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Move Action is a freeware Windows tool designed to turn your webcam into a powerful surveillance system, offering a bunch of useful tools with minimum configuration options.
It's pretty difficult to get lost in the main window after you launch the program for the first time, not necessarily because it's well organized, but also because of the limited number of features.
The ace up its sleeve is the motion detection tool, which is actually the one that serves as the foundation of each feature bundled into the app.
What Move Action actually does is to monitor the webcam and, in case motion is detected, to automatically perform a certain action.
For example, the program can lock the computer, which means the user in front of the monitor needs a password to get back into Windows, save JPG images to the local disk, play a WAV sound file or simply launch an external application.
In case you're wondering how is this possible, Move Action relies on quite a basic engine: it analyzes images at a regular interval and in case it notices some differences between them, it means that it should perform the user-defined action.
Move Action runs on low resources most of the time and works flawlessly on all Windows versions, without the need for administrator privileges on Windows 7 workstations.
So, as a conclusion, Move Action is quite a basic product that serves its purpose very well, but nothing more. If you're searching for a minimal interface, a limited number of configuration options and simple features, you're in luck.







Move Action Crack Product Key Free Download

Move Action Cracked Version is a freeware program designed to turn your webcam into a powerful surveillance system. It is designed to be easy to use and hassle free.
– Integrates on your Windows system as a service so it can be run on boot. It checks for new images once per minute and if there is motion detected, it automatically perform action defined by the user. It runs as a normal Windows application and not as a Windows service.
– Motion detection up to 10 Hz.
– Low CPU usage.
– No bandwidth usage.
– Permanent history up to 100 images.
– One button operation.
– No installation required.
– No antivirus needed.
– No external applications or plug-ins required.
– Works on all Windows versions from XP to Windows 7.
– Real time recording with full sound.
– Can detect the motion of:
– mouse pointer
– mouse movements
– fingers
– lips
– face
– pupils
– objects
– People (static and dynamic)
– Objects (static and dynamic)
– Fire (static and dynamic)
– Smoke (static and dynamic)
– Liquids (static and dynamic)
– Leaves (static and dynamic)
– Moving vehicle (static and dynamic)
– Color change (static and dynamic)
– Smoke (static and dynamic)
– Liquids (static and dynamic)
– Winds (static and dynamic)
– Wind (static and dynamic)
– Rain (static and dynamic)
– Waves (static and dynamic)
– Water (static and dynamic)
– Turbulence (static and dynamic)
– Lights (static and dynamic)
– Face of people (static and dynamic)
– Phones (static and dynamic)
– Detect other people nearby (static and dynamic)
– Detect your name (static and dynamic)
– Detect your face (static and dynamic)
– Detect objects on your desk (static and dynamic)
– Detect your face (static and dynamic)
– Detect hands (static and dynamic)
– Detect your phone (static and dynamic)
– Detect your voice (static and dynamic)
– Detect time and time of day (static and dynamic)
– Detect your name (static and dynamic)
– Detect your face (static and dynamic)
– Audio alarm (static and dynamic)
– Low CPU usage.
– Full Sound.
– No bandwidth usage.
– Runs on Windows

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My Surveillance Cameras, the most complete application designed to remotely control and monitor security cameras. With it you can access your camera from anywhere in the world, lock the computer, view live images on a map, and trigger one of several hotkeys.


View live images from up to 300 cameras in real time, with support for live streaming.

Remotely lock your computer.

Display live and recorded images in your taskbar.

View live images on a web map.

Animate images in your taskbar.

Trigger scripts through the hotkeys.

Recording and Animated streaming of cameras and servers(Windows XP/Vista)

View live images in your taskbar(Windows 7+)

View live images on a web map

Animate images in your taskbar

Trigger scripts through the hotkeys

Camera Server(Windows XP/Vista)

My Telemetry(Windows 7+)

Locked Timestamps(Windows 7+)

View Live Images(Windows 7+)

Play a WAV sound file(Windows 7+)

Remote Control(Windows 7+)

Control your cameras through the keyboard(Windows 7+)

Remote Camera Broadcast(Windows 7+)

Trigger Scripts through the hotkeys

Free Camera Pool(Windows 7+)

Announcer(Windows 7+)

Ad blocker(Windows 7+)

Chat client(Windows 7+)

Lock the screen(Windows 7+)

Play a Sound(Windows 7+)

Print to a Printer(Windows 7+)

Exclusive to Access Control for Windows 7(Windows 7+)

Settings for Windows 7(Windows 7+)

Zone Control(Windows 7+)

Remote Desktop(Windows 7+)

Flashlight(Windows 7+)

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Version: 1.0.1

Date Added: September 04, 2011

File Size: 1.3 MB

Price: Free


Not a freeware product. You might be interested in…

Free Shared Control System 2.1 Free

Main features:

1.Control up to 16 PC using USB key (5 PCs at the same time)
2.Control up to 10 web cameras simultaneously
3.Record video from web cameras
4.Remote control to your computer without reboot
5.Easy and secure control from

Move Action Crack + With Key

Simple webcam motion detection tool for Windows, offering a bunch of features, including locking, saving a JPG image, launching another application.


Simple but powerful

Pretty hard to get lost in the main window, as it’s basically a one-window product, only missing configuration

Only one external application launched automatically, which is a great feature for simple users

Works on all Windows versions (from XP to 7)

Only Windows operation system supported

Pre-configured on the web if you don’t know how to use it

Works flawlessly on most of the PC’s, even if they’re used for gaming

You can’t ignore the manufacturer’s website

Closed-source application available

With or without administrator rights

Absolute zero in terms of configuration (except for colors, which come from your graphic’s and webcam’s manufacturer)

Rough edges and some bugs

Very good customer support


The configuration menu offers the minimum possible amount of options

It offers very few features, so if you’re looking for something more complex, you’re out of luck

The user manual is pretty scarce and doesn’t go into the details

No audio output option

No other application than the one launched automatically

Not very well organized

How does it work?

You can use several features of the program without needing to launch any other application. For example, it’s possible to set a laptop to lock itself if there’s no movement detected on the webcam within the time you’ve specified.
In case you want to improve the webcam’s performance, you can use the monochrome mode option, which is great for capturing photos without colors.
As a more advanced feature, it’s possible to use the LightStealer tool to blur the background of a photo.
In this case, you should place the webcam in front of a white (or grey) background and use the LightStealer tool in order to blur the background of the photo.
But as it’s pretty tricky to get the right settings when making the photo, we strongly recommend that you use the PhotoFaker tool to blur the background without paying attention to the actual details.
Now, let’s talk about video capture. With this tool, you can capture a JPG image from the webcam at a predefined time interval.
In order to do that, all you need to do is to launch the application, specify the

What’s New In Move Action?

Split – Split a webcam image into multiple parts (horizontally or vertically)

Merge – Merge multiple webcam images into a single image

Mirror – Mirror webcam image vertically (only if webcam is vertical)

Show – Show the webcam or send your webcam image to the clipboard

Animate – Show webcam image one or more times (or click to start again)

Pan – Pan webcam image over time

Zoom – Zoom webcam image over time

Blend – Average color of webcam image over time

Scale – Scale webcam image over time

Blend_Sepia – Average color of webcam image over time, with sepia effect

Hue – Pick a color from a webcam image

Luma – Luma webcam image (only if webcam is vertical)

Resize – Resize webcam image to a given size

Rotate – Rotate webcam image clockwise (only if webcam is vertical)

FadeIn – Make webcam image fade in over time

FadeOut – Make webcam image fade out over time

Warp – Crops webcam image and applies a user-defined style

Magnify – Magnify webcam image over time

Flip – Flip webcam image over time

Effects – Apply several webcam image editing effects

Apply – Apply a user-defined effect to webcam image

Switch – Change webcam image between webcam images

Play – Play a webcam audio file

Seek – Seek to a particular frame of a webcam video

Wear – Make webcam image look as if worn

White – White webcam image

Black – Black webcam image

Red – Red webcam image

Green – Green webcam image

Blue – Blue webcam image

Add Some




0.0 / 5 Rating

Move Action Add Some


Move Action Add Some is a simple tool that lets you add a background to any webcam image. The program supports multiple background types: watermark, image, photograph and logo.
The results are always great. You can combine multiple backgrounds in a single webcam image and edit the final image by tweaking its colors, brightness, sharpness and so on.
So, if you need a simple way to add a background to your webcam images, Move Action Add Some is your best choice.

Move Action Add Some Description:


System Requirements For Move Action:

To play this game you will need at least version 1.3 of Morrowind installed.
Saves may be found in all versions of Morrowind, including previous versions.
You can find Morrowind save files in your save folder at any time. Some of the files are set to the.BSA format, others may be in the.TXT format. You can also extract these files and import them into Morrowind. These files are available at all times.
Morrowind saves can be found in the root of the Morrowind installation. The

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