CLEAN AND MORE Multi-purpose Home Cleaner 500ml


Multi-Purpose Home Cleaner is an effective biocide that is efficient at naturally cleaning & imparting glossy shine to your home interior, automobile and almost every surface that you know. It’s so safe that one can even wash vegetables and fruits with it. It is a multi-purpose home cleaner in real sense as it will obsolete many products in your monthly grocery. Use Multi-purpose Cleaner and make your home 100% safe even for your kids and pets.

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Key Ingredients: White Vinegar & Thyme

You can use this product on Floors, Glass, Wood, Leather, Car, Bike, Kitchen utensils, Appliances, Countertops, Tables, Showers, Sporting Equipment, Toys, etc.

How to use?
It is a highly concentrated product, hence, dilute in water according to the dosages mentioned on product packaging and use.

  • Dish Washing: Add 1 cap of Multi-purpose Home Cleaner to 1 bowl water (approx. 50ml). Dip the scrubber & get sparkling vessels.
  • Floor Cleaning, Wash basin, Automobile Cleaning: Add two caps of Multi-purpose Home Cleaner to half bucket water (approx. 5 Litres). Gently mop the surface. Use a gentle wipe for Automobile surfaces.
  • Glass, Counter tops, Tables, Other surfaces & Equipment Cleaning: Add 1 cap of Multi-purpose Home Cleaner in a bottle full of water (approx. 500ml). Gently mop the surface.
  • Toilet Cleaning:Apply Multi-Purpose Home Cleaner directly under the rim uniformly. No need to dilute the solution. Allow it to stay for 10-15 minutes, then brush well & flush.
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