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This program is a really simple instant messaging program for use on your local network. Just start it up and it will automatically show you everyone else on your network – chat instantly! Sea Wars Lite Edition is a network multi-player strategy game. The game allows you to take a role of Admiral who has the mission to build strong fleet, save your country from the enemy attack and make it safe from the rest of the nations. You have various characters in the game (ground forces, ships, subs, space crafts, strategys, etc.etc.) You can upgrade your vehicles and build a high tech arsenal to destroy your enemies.The game contains many different types of ships that can be used on sea and air. You have to work on 4 main phases of the war time campaign : -The planning phase : set out your plans of attack and strategy. -The attack phase : Design and position your warships on the field. -The defense phase : Destroy as many enemy ships as you can, but don’t be surprised that they can destroy your fleet. -The peace time : Let the fleet’s warships rest for their next mission! You’ll find a lot of different type of units to play such as fighters, destroyers, cruisers and battleships. Watch your move or you’ll be crushed! And don’t ever underestimate your enemy! It’s how human nature works. Additional Information: Soundtrack: The Last planet by mamoru x katsuragi- Live Chat is a simple instant chat system for web applications. It is designed to be small, lightweight, and intuitive. It can be used for intranet and Internet use, and is released under the MIT license. (See LICENSE.txt in the root directory.) Instant Messager is a simple and fully featured Instant Messager. It is like MSN Messenger plus. It supports iChat and cam2cam. It doesn’t include some features like chats limit and other functions. It is easy to use. X-Chat is a new release of the venerable open source chat client originally written by Stefan Engel and is now developed by Erik Espi’s team. It’s the best chat client written for the GNU/Linux, Unix and other operating systems. You will find a nice support and feedback community on x-chat.net. Instant MessagerChat is an instant messaging program which also allows you to chat with your friends directly from your address book. No registration and no need

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Instantly chat with everyone on your network! Get (Really) Simple IM Crack Free Download interface with support for images, multiple instant message windows, keyboard shortcuts and notification system. Features: * Instant chat with friends and family * Completely user friendly * Select friend then message them (which comes very handy if you want to send a message to a friend you know on your network but don’t know their password or name/logon) * User friendly interface with a bit of style * Download info button to compare versions of IM programs * Send an instant message to a friend and wait for their reply – do that till you are blue in the face if you like * Hold the mouse over any contact for a brief popup to choose or select your contact * Setup in seconds * Reliable Requirements: * Windows 7, Vista, 2000, NT or XP * Internet explorer 5 or above * Java runtime environment (JRE) * The latest version of (Really) Simple IM Product Key Download: Really Simple IM.zip (download size 4637kb) There are two updates with this release, the official guide has been updated and it includes a link to the beta version of the upcoming tutorial (currently under construction). Get 1.1 if you are on Windows 7 or Vista or else 1.0. There is also a major new feature on this version, now you can type the syntax: ‘whats my addres’ instead of ‘whatsmyaddr’. Disclaimer: This software is not affiliated with Microsoft, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Google, etc. (Really) Simple IM Cracked Accounts is a shared learning feature, the developer has developed the program in order to review the basics of programming for Java beginners. Stay tuned for the new tutorial, there will be a new release of the program this week or next week. There is already an existing tutorial version, which I have been working on for some time now. It is still under construction, but will be much easier to understand for those of you who are not yet comfortable with java programming. The blog has officially been under construction for a few weeks now, but I am back and have a new mission! For now the blog will be semi-administered, you can write your own posts, or comment on existing posts, however, you will not be allowed to keep comments on posts for any length of time. I will probably create a new b7e8fdf5c8

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Very very simple to use for both users and developers. The idea is to focus on the core features that real people need/want. That is: – Instant Chat (text only) – Public Chat Rooms (just that) – Private Chat Rooms (well, sort of) – File Downloads & Sharing – One Skype like “status bar” (for seeing where people are online from “on a glance”) – 1-1 chat with people who are online – Blocking and/or Unblocking of Friends (by account) – Contacts (who you have contact with) Some of these might not work with your setup, but that’s on you (apart from, of course, Public Chat Rooms – I’ll try to fix that…) But then again, it might be that these features are too important to be left out. So if you like it and think it might work for you, why not send me a /msg and I’ll be glad to give you a hand with it ๐Ÿ™‚ Features Overview: – Instant messaging (for those who like to snoop ๐Ÿ™‚ – Public chat rooms (just that – no more than that) – Private chat rooms (how to use them) – File download & share (with encryption! As long as you’re secure, anyone should be able to view it – also user/friend/system connections will all be logged) – Status bar (which user is online where etc.) – Blocking and unblocking of friends (friends may be blocked on an account basis) – Contacts (this is even easier than friends, just pick a group and it’s sorted!) – 1-1 Chat (with any logged in person on the network) – Send greeting (sent privately) – Send file (also sent privately) – A task list (see what I mean about being secure?) – Room change (when switching rooms you may want to let everyone know where you’ve gone) – List of all logged in users – for privacy-conscious people – Invite friends – In case you need help, the FAQ is in a seperate topic! Hope you’ll enjoy! Version 1.2: – Fixed: In order to be able to change the “Profile Picture” at the top, you need to have a profile.php file (that will be created for you when you generate the database and edit the sql files). – Fixed: The “Logout”

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Get (Really) Simple IM is a really simple IM program that runs on your local network, which is really useful when you’ve got a lot of people on your network. (Really) Simple IM is available for you to try for free from our website. You just have to start it up and you’ll instantly get an idea of how useful it can be. It’s been designed to be simple to use, so you won’t have any problems understanding how it works. Features: * A really simple way to show everyone else on your local network * Send instant messages to everyone else on your local network * See all the users on your local network right away * Invite anyone else on your local network to the program * Set your startup message * Choose your default desktop * Set the default icon Installation: You don’t need to do anything to get (Really) Simple IM running – it will automatically start up when you start Windows. If you have an earlier version of Windows and you wish to get (Really) Simple IM running automatically, you can do so using one of our easy tools. Join Us: Feel free to help keep the web site running by joining our team and clicking the links below the download button. We appreciate everyone’s support. Web: Pixi: Zentao: (Really) Simple IM All About: (Really) Simple IM Source Code available here: Join our CNET community: (Really) Simple IM Copyright: (Really) Simple IM is an original work by: Roshan Chanda, For RCEm. (Really) Simple IM is based on work by: Mike Lee, aka IdleHacker, For Pixi, Zentao. RCEm. is a company specializing in web sites and services for many of the technology companies we cover on CNET. (Really) Simple IM Links: (Really) Simple IM is available for you to try for free from our website. You just have to start it up and you’ll instantly get an idea of how useful it can be. It’s been designed to be simple to use, so you won’t have any problems understanding how it works

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Note: Tekken Tag Tournament 2 requires a minimum of 2GB of RAM, a 3D accelerator, DirectX 9 compatible video card, and Windows 7 64-bit. The Xbox 360 requires a Xbox 360 disc and a game disc for installation. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is a LIVE-enabled title, so you will be required to have an active LIVE subscription to the Xbox LIVE service, which is free to most Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers. For more information, please visit


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