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The Elden Ring is the newly launched Fantasy Action RPG that runs on Unreal Engine 4.
By combining the Unreal 4 technology that can present the real-time battle action with the Card Battle system that allows you to easily enjoy the convenience of biding time, this game challenges players to challenge their own RPG with a Card Battle system that can break through any limitation of common RPG systems.

As an action RPG for smartphone users, the Elden Ring Game has a natural advantage in the features and play style of users because the Elden Ring mobile game can be played by holding one hand and using a single button.

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Facebook: is the UK based team behind the Elden Ring Game. Thanks for your interest!

Facebook: Technical Field
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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Rise-Online Player (2 on 2 multiplayer gaming style): 2 players can simultaneously play YW -Game while enjoying various computer controlled characters as their ally.
  • Command-Customizable Player (1 player): A new single player game that lets you create and customize your character from scratch.
  • Elden Lords-Alliance war: Earn the support of allies to increase your army, playing as an Elden Lord. Employ the strong attack ability of other players who ally with you to gather resources to uncover secrets of your childhood.
  • Upcoming Development: Numerous changes and updates coming continuously, from tweaks to revolutionary changes to unannounced surprises.
  • Story: The grand Tolkien style of fantasy story, particularly TSW.
  • Create Story: You can play the part of the protagonist of the story in a living alternative to RPGs.
  • Features Overview:


    • Customize the appearance, class, combat style, evolution rules, and more to build your own character.
    • Develop your own character regardless of class.
    • Change your character depending on the situation to take advantage of combat strategies that suit your character.

    Job System

    • Dual class career system.
    • A vast switchboard system including support, support, general arts, move arts, augment arts, healing art, defensive art


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      1. From the creators of the Final Fantasy series, the creators of KoE and the concept of the legendary Kain & Djen, KoE returns in the form of the new RPG series – ‘The Elden Ring’. The band of Elden Lords and their companions known as ‘Elden Knights’ take on this journey of self-discovery, to do what is right and good, as they fight to conquer the new ‘Elden Ring’ that was unearthed by the Elden Lords to be worshipped by the residents of the Lands Between.

      2. An RPG with an ‘epic fantasy’ theme, filled with a variety of content from huge dungeons to online multiplayer play. Although you can assume the form of a warrior, you can also assume the form of a magician! This makes KoE attractive to those who appreciate a deep story and enjoy RPGs with a great amount of depth.

      3. Once a great emperor, you are now a dragon, and once a dragon, you are then a dragon again. However, you still retain your ambition and pride and are a strong warrior with great wisdom. One way or another, even a dragon is worth more than a demon. (In other words, even a villain is still important)

      4. The most powerful people in the world, the Elden Lords, are called the ‘Lords of Heaven’ in Japanese and ‘Dragon Lords’ in Korean. However, this does not mean that they are all human or that they are just great warriors. In fact, many of them are dragons, and the entire party includes both humans and dragons.

      5. The game takes the form of a fantasy story with a time-travel plot. In other words, it takes place in a world that the protagonist did not exist in.

      6. The protagonist is a powerful warrior who is Kaede, a dragon who only knows how to be a dragon, with no knowledge of who he is. He meets a girl named Elise and becomes close friends with her. Despite their different backgrounds, they do not hold any grudges and are able to travel together.

      7. Although the story is set in a fantasy world, it deals with a lot of significant social themes. For example, there are high expectations from those who are rich, there are social differences between people


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      1. A Fantasy Action RPG
      A Fantasy Action RPG that allows you to freely jump into the action.
      – Unique Character Build and Strategies
      With your newly developed character, you can freely build your own play style. You can also freely combine weapons, armor, and magic you equip.
      – Equip Over 40 Unique Classes
      You can select an appropriate class for every situation. You can also freely switch between weapons and magic to perform many action types with ease.
      – Over 200 Unique Weapons and Armor
      Equip all sorts of weapons to enjoy the best-balanced gameplay. Or, if you don’t feel the time is right, you can equip armor made with exceptional materials. Even if you don’t know how to make one, you can still utilize the infinite arsenal.
      1. Action RPG Parts (?)
      – Dynamite-style Action
      In the action RPG genre, you will be swinging your weapon with a dynamite-like movement style as well as slashing, thrusting, dodging, parrying, and spinning, all of which will get you valuable EXP.
      – Class Specialization
      In the action RPG genre, there are many playable classes, and you can freely select one that suits your playing style.
      – Dynamic Action
      Every action is performed to the beat of the music. Step onto the stage and experience the gaming sensation where you use your actions to fight.
      – Overlay
      You can easily see the effect of your special attack or parameter.
      – Characters and Monsters
      In the action RPG genre, in addition to the endless battle, various characters and monsters will be encountered. Each enemy and each action will be different from the other, and you will enjoy a refreshing experience.
      2. Asynchronous online Battle
      2. Action RPG Parts (?)
      In addition to sharing battles, you can view and communicate with other players in the game.
      – High-Speed Battle
      Two players can play asynchronously even in the same party.
      – Quick login
      You can easily join a game when you’re in a situation where you don’t have time to wait.
      – Freely share data
      When you’re playing, you can share battle data with other players, thus making it possible to help each other fight.
      – Fun Factories
      You can visit other players in the game to enjoy the fruits of their efforts. Join a battle with them, and you can receive at your side valuable items, EXP, and items that increase the chances


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      ZAP MODE is a new Age of Empires-style simulation game featuring fantasy storyline, and extreme action.
      The scenario features an action-RPG game that actively encourages cooperative play, and players can enjoy the co-development of their character and the game as a whole, creating an activity that is endlessly satisfying.

      ABOUT 4vs4 ARENA
      4vs4 ARENA is a fantasy arena-style game where you face off with four of your friends online.
      The game allows custom management, and you will experience intense, soul-stirring matches with unique twists in a familiar setting.

      AlterAI Land is a famous current environment that provides expansive maps, exotic landscapes, and diverse climates.
      As in other games based on the same engine, AlterAI Land provides rich environments and allows for continuous play, allowing you to spend as much time as you like building your dream home.

      Using BOWSER MODE for Arena, you are able to focus on tracking an enemy’s position and various afflictions such as Decide where to attack, decide where to purchase equipment, and exercise your cognitive abilities to identify symptoms and ultimately defeat an enemy.
      By the combination of BOWSER MODE FOR ARENA and ARCADIA, you can enjoy both the construction process and battle with your friends while maintaining your battle senses.

      A PvP defense system which maintains peace in an area by separating players into teams and controlling the number of players on each team.

      Diamond Mode adds extreme pressure to your character’s movements.
      When you grow tired of mundane farming, you can dive into the world of Dakar, the mystical land where all roads lead and signpost fail.
      Release the fury of the revolution into the pathless wilderness of the unknown.
      • Explore the Far Land
      A vast land where rich and exciting resources are hidden all over. You can freely explore the land full of dangers and dangers, to discover its beautiful and mysterious secrets.



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      1. Copy the file ELDEN_RING.gen to your steamapps\common\ShadowOfTheAges\ folder.
      2. Close Steam and delete the contents of the steamapps\common\ShadowOfTheAges\ folder (don’t worry, the game won’t crash if you do).
      3. Start Steam, and it should re-download the game and re-extract it.
      4. Double-click on ShadowOfTheAges.exe to start the game.

      If you got there somehow, and your game still wont start, it may be that you need to install additional components to your computer

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      After doing all that, I found out that the game doesn’t work with my computer setup.
      I don’t have a video card. I have a 4 core cpu.
      I have a 8GB hard drive, and 16GB ram.
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      If someone plays it, and his system is similar to mine, please report your results.


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    • Unzip the installer.

    Quick Install

    • Go to Tools > Configuration (Select Tools from the tab)
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    Full Install

    • Go to Tools > Configuration (Select Tools from the tab)
    • Click Add
    • Add Where It Should > Game Data

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    More information:


    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    * 2.5GB of free disk space
    * A minimum 1GB graphics card
    * 1GB RAM (recommended)
    * 2GHz processor (recommended)
    * Mac OS X v10.5.5 or higher
    * Windows XP/Vista/7 (32/64-bit)
    * Internet Connection
    * Adobe Flash Player 10 or higher.
    * This game is compatible with all modern web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and many others. It