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SquidRestrict 1.0.3 Crack +

A tool to assist you in restricting internet usage.
■ Open Source
All source code for this application is released as open source software under the GNU General Public License (GPL)
■ Simple Installation

To install SquidRestrict simply run the setup script from the script folder

This script will:
■ Download the latest SquidRestrict_java source code
■ Install the Java JRE (or JDK)
■ Create a script folder and a script file
■ Run the script file to complete the installation.

There is also a “Uninstall” script in the script folder.
It will remove the current version of the SquidRestrict_java source code.
You will still be able to use the provided setup script as there are no extra components included with SquidRestrict.

Use of the script/setup.sh and./setup.sh files should be treated as “downloading and using the latest version” of SquidRestrict.
A newer version of SquidRestrict may be available at any time and you should look for updates to SquidRestrict at

The script will try to find the right version of the SquidJRE (or JDK) for the version of IPCop or Smoothwall that you are using.

To use the Java based application you will need Java 1.4 or newer.
If you are not sure which version of Java you have on your system please see

If you are using the version of IPCop that came with your Linux distribution you should be fine.
If you are using a later version of IPCop (any version after 1.4.0) you will need to have the latest version of the JRE (or JDK).

It is highly recommended that you install the latest version of Java to be safe.
If you are using SquidRestrict on a non-Linux system you will need to install Java to the local directory of your Squid installation.
This is not recommended for Squid installations on Windows or Mac OS X.

There are also some restrictions when using the script/setup.sh file.
If you want to use this script to upgrade your Squid installation to the latest version of SquidRestrict you will need to install Java to the local directory of your Squid installation.
Also see the warnings

SquidRestrict 1.0.3 Crack+ Activation

“#$1: MAC address of the remote device that is granted internet access”
“#$2: Number of seconds to allow internet access”
“#$3: MAC address that is banned from accessing the internet”
“#$4: Number of seconds to ban internet access”
“$username_$2” -> This is the user that you wish to use for time restriction
“$username_$4” -> This is the user that you wish to use for banning from internet access
“$#1: 02-07-2002 20:00:00.000000.000167
$#2: 20
$#3: 02-08-2002 20:00:00.000000.000167
$#4: 20”

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INTRODUCTION {#sec:intro}

Modeling and Control {#sec:modelling}

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SquidRestrict 1.0.3 Crack +

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What’s New in the SquidRestrict?

Description: SquidRestrict allows you to apply multiple time restrictions to squid.
The time restrictions are based on the current date/time.
By default you are restricted from the last time you logged on.
You can restrict yourself by creating a new time in the past or the future.
You can also block/allow access on any particular day or week.
If you want to allow access at any time you can simply do so by creating a new day/week in the future.
To view all the time restrictions currently in place in SquidRestrict, open the
/squidrestrict/current_time_restrictions page.


Version: 1.3.3

Product/Version: SquidRestrict





System requirements:

System requirements: Linux


License: GNU General Public License


Author: SquidRestrict’s main purpose is to allow multiple time restrictions to be placed on internet usage for firewalls that use The Squid Web Proxy Cache.
Primarily SquidRestrict is intended to be used on Linux based firewalls such as IPCop and Smoothwall.
Currently SquidRestrict is known to work with the following:
■ IPCop 1.4.0 to IPCop 1.4.13
■ Smoothwall Express 2
■ Smoothwall Express 3 Alpha [Grizzly]
Also available is SquidRestrict_java. SquidRestrict_java is a standalone Java application that allows you to work out the time restrictions you wish to apply to Squid.
After working out the time restrictions that you want to impose you can copy/paste the result from SquidRestrict_java into your squid configuration file (squid.conf).
Here are some key features of “SquidRestrict”:
■ Set Multiple Time Restrictions
For each day you can set multiple time restrictions for when internet access should be allowed.
■ Simple User Interface
SquidRestrict uses a simple web interface to allow you to set the time restrictions that you want in place.
■ Easy Installation
SquidRestrict is very easy to install, all you have to do is run a setup script
■ Supported Firewall Versions
Works on all current versions of IPCop (1.4.0 to 1.4.13) and Smoothwall Express (v2 and v3).
■ Doesn’t Delete any Files
No Files are deleted when using SquidRestrict, your current Squid configuration is backed up so it can be

System Requirements For SquidRestrict:

Windows 10 or macOS
Intel Pentium G5600 or equivalent processor
DirectX 11.0
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or Radeon HD 7750 equivalent graphics card
10 GB HD space
AMD Catalyst 16.3 or latest
Intel i7 CPU or equivalent processor
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 or equivalent graphics card


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