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Windows comes with a built-in narrator that enables users to read text out loud from any running program, such as a browser or a document viewer. However, it is a Windows function and not a standalone application. This means that, for instance, you also need an e-book reader to have EPUB files read out loud to you. So why not have it all in a single package? Conveniently, Voice Book Reader brings together a text-to-speech application for text files, EPUB e-books and PDF documents.
Working with Voice Book Reader is pretty straightforward. The application is designed in Electron, sporting a minimalistic interface that allows you to create a list of supported files, at first. On the downside, once you create this list, you cannot add new items to it. When you try to, the old list is replaced by the newly selected files, which is quite annoying.
A reader for text files, e-books and PDFs 
To open a document, you simply have to select it. Voice Book Reader can load regular text files, e-books in EPUB format and PDFs, which means you can also use it as a document viewer for all these formats.
The PDF viewer can open multi-page documents, providing easy-to-use navigation tools, zoom options and full–screen reading mode.
When opening e-books, you will notice that selecting a word displays itss dictionary explanation and synonyms, which is quite useful.
A side panel allows you to browse the table of contents, to search within the book and change the text style to your liking. The font, the text size, the line spacing, the margins are all customizable parameters. Moreover, Voice Book Reader displays a progress bar and comes with full-screen mode and both white and black themes to facilitate reading during nighttime.
Read text in e-books and documents out loud 
Voice Book Reader can open the aforementioned file formats, but its original purpose is to be a text-to-speech application. The Settings window shelters options to select the voice to use and adjust the volume and the pitch.
As the application reads out loud, it also highlights the text, so reading along with the voice is comfortable. The color of the highlighter is customizable.
Open e-books, text files and PDFs to read them out loud 
While intended to be a text-to-speech application, Voice Book Reader comes with more features for viewing text files, e-books and PDFs. Reading text out loud seems more like a secondary function to a software tool designed as a file viewer. Nevertheless, being able to open all three formats using the same application is definitely a plus.


Download ○○○ https://urluso.com/2n0lwu

Download ○○○ https://urluso.com/2n0lwu






Voice Book Reader Free For PC

A convenient document reader, text-to-speech reader and PDF viewer, available in its simplest form.
How to Activate the Windows built-in narrator, in a standalone Windows application?

Step 1.Open a new folder and create three copies of the same file (File, New Folder, New Folder). Click twice on a text file icon.
Step 2.Select Voice Book Reader as an application in the Picker.
Step 3.The program is launched and the text to be read is displayed in the center. To activate the built-in narrator, press the white arrow button. Or from the file menu, select the narrator menu item.


Please go to the link provided below for fully installation instructions.

Installation from Microsoft Store

Remove previous version

To remove the previous version you need to run these steps:

Using Windows 10
Launch Settings from the Start Menu.
Search for “Update & Security” in the list.
Click on “Windows Update”.
Select “Additional updates”.
From the list, select Microsoft Store.
Select “For administrators”.
In the search bar, type “VoiceBookReader” and select “VoiceBookReader”.
In the list, select “Uninstall”.
Click on “Uninstall”.
Finally, restart your device.

Using Windows 7
Launch Control Panel, select Programs and Features, and select “Turn Windows features on or off”.
On the left, select “Installed updates” and select “Show updates”.
Select “View installed updates”, scroll down the list to find VoiceBookReader and click on “Uninstall”.
Finally, restart your device.

Step 3.Select a path for the voice book which should be used as the default voice, for example:
(Use whatever you find appropriate)

Step 4.Select a folder in which to store your documents and their voices, for example:
(You need to create this folder beforehand if it doesn’t exist yet)

Step 5.Import the voice that you would like to use as the default for the voice book reader. You can import it into the text to speech program, the book reader or both. The voice file should be in WAV, MP3 or Wave IN/OUT format

Voice Book Reader Serial Key [Win/Mac]


Interactive menu

Easy navigation with a table of contents

Navigate e-books, text files and PDFs using an interactive menu

Open e-books, text files and PDFs

Saves and restores the currently open item

A customizable color for the highlighter

Easy navigation with a table of contents

A panel with the help of which you can easily browse the table of contents and search


Filter for installing packages.

Visual inspection

Linux, Mac, Windows.

Minimum requirements 

64-bit CPU


4 GB of free disk space

14 GB of free space in E:

16 GB of free space in D:

64-bit CPU


4 GB of free disk space

14 GB of free space in E:

16 GB of free space in D:

64-bit CPU


4 GB of free disk space

14 GB of free space in E:

16 GB of free space in D:


The figures are based on testing in Windows 7 and 8 and VirtualBox. The processor should be recognized as 64 bit if the Windows system information is shown.




Version 1.3.0 on February 23, 2020, introduces the new functionality of the PDF viewer, in addition to the text files, the formats audio is also added to the program.


External links
Official website

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Voice Book Reader Crack Free Download

●Read text files, e-books and PDFs to you, out loud.
●Voice Book Reader feature packed.
●Supports many file formats.
●Adjust text size, line spacing, margin, highlight color, voice level.
●Read along with the voice.
●Read EPUB e-books, PDFs, text files.
●Select voices and adjust the volume and pitch.
●Customize colors.
●Read white and black themes.
●Read in full-screen mode.
●Navigate table of contents and navigate to a specific chapter and read it out loud.
●Jump to any line in the books.
●Zoom in and out.
●See all text in the margins.
●Get definitions of unknown words.
●Read even when your application is closed.
●Read from the top to the bottom.
●Clear any lines.
●Open e-books, text files, and PDFs to read them out loud.
●Voice Book Reader EPUB to PDF conversion.
●Voice Book Reader can be used with other e-book readers, too.
●Voice Book Reader is for Windows 7/8/10/10.1/12/xp/2003 and Mac OS/10.x/11/12/x
●Voice Book Reader is also cross-platform.
●Voice Book Reader runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android.
●Voice Book Reader Works for Windows 7/8/10/10.1/12/XP/2003.
●Voice Book Reader works with Windows XP.
●Works with Windows 7, 8, 10, 10.1, 12, and XP.
●Voice Book Reader is also available as cross-platform software for multiple platforms.
●Voice Book Reader is intended to read text files, e-books and PDFs.
●Voice Book Reader Read in text files, e-books and PDFs out loud.
●Voice Book Reader can be used with other e-book readers.
●Voice Book Reader can be used with Windows and Mac OS X e-book readers.
●Voice Book Reader can be used in Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android.
●Voice Book Reader is bundled with the Windows operating system.
●Voice Book Reader is available as a free download.
●Voice Book Reader is available for any version of Windows.
●Voice Book Reader runs on Windows 7, 8,

What’s New in the Voice Book Reader?

Voice Book Reader is a text-to-speech application that allows you to read text files, e-books and PDFs out loud. The application also has the ability to highlight words to facilitate reading along with the voice. The text selection feature can be disabled and text is wrapped to the next line when the document is full-screened. The font, the line spacing and line wrapping can be changed to your liking.

You will most likely see this issue. You just need to go to Tools > Options, and then scroll down to Text-to-speech, and click on the Advanced Options button. Inside that dialog window, make sure the Disable Language support for Language/Font check box is unchecked.

Recent Featured Questions in Text-to-speech

Surprisingly, I found no explanation for the following issue, which has been happening to me for several months:

English and French are listed as languages in the (About…) window.
Nothing is read aloud.
Changing the default language to English or French causes neither language to be recognized.

The behavior seems to have been unchanged for about three years.
How can I fix this?
edit: I tried moving Windows to disk 1, but that didn’t help.


I found that changing my monitor to a 16:9 monitor did the trick. I’m running Windows 7 64-bit.

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System Requirements For Voice Book Reader:

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 or 2010
Windows 7
.NET Framework 4
DirectX 11
Installation Instructions:
To install the application
1. Download the zip file from the link provided in the ReadMe.
2. Copy the contents of the folder obtained in Step 1 to any desired location.
3. Double click on the MyExperiment-installer.exe to run the installer.
4. At the installation wizard select all the options and click on Next button.
5. Select the installation


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